15th Birthday Quinceanera Sparklers

$ 5.00

SKU: 3712-15

When a young man or a young woman turns fifteen, the occasion should be duly celebrated with a party, presents, and a birthday cake, decorated with 15th Birthday Quinceanera Sparklers. 15th Birthday Quinceanera Sparklers lend the party extra glamour and Quinceanera Sparklers are so much prettier, and at the same time sophisticated, than mere candles. They’re sure to bring a smile to the birthday boy or birthday girl’s face. 

15th Birthday Quinceanera Sparklers are equally suitable to celebrate a fifteenth wedding anniversary. They bring atmosphere to a party and when photographs are being taken the sparklers will make for an unmatched romantic effect.

Although smokeless, these 15th Birtday Quinceanera Sparklers should only be used outdoors





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