Sparkler FAQ

Which sparkler is the most popular? Which do you recommend?

The answer to both of these questions is the 36” hand-held sparkler, which features a 4-minute sparkle: long enough for you and your guests to enjoy them and your photographer to capture the fun. For sparkler bouquets, the smaller 10” sparklers are another wonderful choice. Both look great in bunches, as favors, and lighting the way to your getaway car at the end of the evening.


How do I light a sparkler?

The larger sparklers (20” or 36”) do not tend to light instantly over an open flame, but they do when they come into contact with another sparkler. Our recommendation is to task a member of the wedding party with lighting a few starter sparklers, and have that person start a chain of sparkler-lighting. Though they can be tough to light, the added safety and the long-lasting sparkle of the larger sparkler is more than worth the trouble! Please click here for more information regarding sparkler safety.


What color are the sparklers?

Though the available sparklers are packaged and marketed as “gold,” the sparkle is a soft candle flame color, and is slightly silver in appearance. See available photos for a more accurate depiction of the sparkler aesthetic.


Do you offer a gold-colored sparkler?

As the materials used to create a silver-colored sparkle are somewhat hazardous, we do not offer a silver sparkler at this time. The gold sparkler, however does look more silver in appearance than the name suggests. Refer to our provided photos of lit gold sparklers to note the color and aesthetic of our available sparklers. Note also that the stem of the gold sparkler is silver/gray in appearance, and should work fine with similar color schemes within your wedding.


Do you offer other sparkler options, such as a colored sparkle or wooden stick? As wooden sticks burn and are a potential hazard, we do not offer options other than wire. Other colors, such as blue, green, and red are also unavailable, as they burn more aggressively and are not as aesthetically pleasing as the gentle sparkle and candle glow of the sparklers we offer.


How do I guarantee that I and my guests are using sparklers safely?

Sparklers are perfectly safe and are a fun addition to your wedding if you handle them with care. Remember that sparklers are flammable, and children should only use them under the supervision of an adult. To avoid accidents, hold the sparklers away from your body and avoid contact with clothing. If you and your spouse are planning on using them for your recessional, have guests line in two rows, hold the sparklers away from their bodies, and be sure that they are far enough away that you are not running underneath a “shower” of sparks.


Are sparklers safe for use indoors?

Sparklers were made for use outdoors only!


What shipping options do you offer for sparklers?

All sparklers are shipped via ground shipping, as sparklers are not permitted via air mail. Please allow 3 – 7 days for ground shipping.


Do you offer an overnight shipping option for sparklers?

Unfortunately, US shipping companies and the USPS classify sparklers as “hazardous material” and are not approved for shipping via air mail. Expedited, overnight, and rush shipping options are not available for sparklers, as they must be transported via ground shipping.


How early should I order my sparklers?

As there is no expedited shipping option, be sure to order your sparklers well before your wedding date, but don’t worry about ordering them “too” far ahead of time. As sparklers have an exceptionally long shelf life if they are kept away from dampness and water, early ordering is your best option.


Do you ship to anywhere in the continental United States?

We ship to anywhere in the US that can be reached via ground shipping, which means that shipping is not available to Alaska and Hawaii. 


Am I allowed to to use sparklers in my state?

Please click here to see information regarding state fireworks laws.