Wedding Sparklers - 9 Inch

$ 21.95

SKU: 371260

Looking for the perfect party favor?  Maybe you're planning a wedding, a birthday bash or a New Year's eve gala? How about a Halloween, Christmas, or 4th of July get-together?

No matter what the occasion, our 9" smokeless sparklers are great way to add fun and excitement to your next special event. These premium-quality sparklers deliver approximately 35 seconds of dazzling golden light each; we recommend 5 sparklers per guest so all your guests can enjoy lots of fireworks fun! What you don't want is a send off line with guests who have used all their sparklers before you even begin your send-off. 

Because our 9" sparklers are smokeless, you can achieve stunning smoke-free photos while they are lit. 

Designed for outdoor use only; adult supervision required.

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