Wedding Heart Sparklers Bundle - 3 Types - Box of 172 Sparklers

$ 69.95

SKU: bundle3
Bundle includes:
-36 pieces of heart sparklers
-64 pieces of 17" straight sparklers
-72 pieces of 9" straight sparklers
Grand total of 172 sparklers!


 What could be better than bright lights and sparklers to celebrate your big day? You do need to be sure that you use the sparklers for outdoor use only, although they are smokeless sparklers.

The wedding hearts sparklers bundle includes 172 sparklers. This is more than enough to wow your guests at your wedding reception.

With the 64-piece 17" straight sparklers, you can rest assured that your wedding photos will be full of sparkle. These sparklers will last you a very long time and are of the highest quality available. These sparklers alone last for around 80 seconds.

You also get 36 heart sparklers and 72 9" straight sparklers. If you are looking for something different, for something that will dazzle your guests at your wedding, then the wedding hearts sparklers bundle is the right choice for you.  

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