Wedding Sparklers Bundle - 3 Sizes - Box of 244 Sparklers

$ 94.95

SKU: bundle1

Do you enjoy using your creativity to discover new ways for decorating special events? With our 9”, 17" and 36" sparklers, you can get your creative juices flowing because these sparklers look fantastic even when you don’t light them. You can really light up the night with our 9" sparklers that glow for about 35 seconds. Combine 9" sparklers with our 17” sparklers that last for about 80 seconds. Add our 36” sparklers that last for about three minutes and create an eye-dazzling show. If you’re trying to find the perfect party favor for your guests, pair our sparklers with matchbooks.

Bundle includes:
-36 pieces of 36" sparklers
-64 pieces of 17" sparklers
-144 pieces of 9" sparklers
Grand total of 244 sparklers!
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