Ideas to use Monogram Sparklers October 04 2015

Sparklers are always a perfect option to give something extra to your wedding. Besides, they are cheap, nice and original even if they might seem simple and silly. There are so many ways in which you can include sparklers to your wedding, you just need to decide the moment and how you want guests to participate and become part of the joy.

Now, there are many different shapes of sparklers so you don’t have to limit yourself to the regular long wands. Now you can find shapes such as hearts, stars, wedding rings and others. There are also numbers and what we will be talking about today, letters!

Monogram sparklers are a great way to let your creativity do what it feels like. They are unique and you can come up with cool ideas and let your guests have fun with them during the send off. Let’s see a couple things you could do with them.

  • You can write your name and your couple’s in the cake and light the sparklers when cutting the cake. It will be super original and the photos will look great!
  • Buy only monogram sparklers with your initials and distribute them among your guests as you would usually do with regular sparklers. Let the guests light them at the moment you selected to do so.
  • Have vases with different letters so guests can choose their initials and you can have them light them and take photos while lit. The great advantage is that monogram sparklers last longer than the regular ones.
  • Distribute letters that form your names and have your guests line up spelling them. You can also choose a nice message and also have your guests spell it. Remember, it is important to make them line up so the message can be clearly read.
  • Finally, you can write “just married” and place the sparklers in the car in which you will leave. Light them up for the pictures, we bet everyone will start copying your idea. Just make sure they are over before the car starts moving.

As you see, there are so many ways in which you can use your monogram sparklers at your wedding. You can use these or you could come up with your own. Just have fun!