Using Sparklers at your Wedding November 03 2015

Sparklers are lately gaining more popularity to be used at weddings because they are not only fun but also magical and unique, especially when utilized at night. Regardless of when and where you use them, the entry, the walk to the altar, the first dance or the exit, they will provide your wedding with a special touch and will be memorable for you and your guests. There are certain aspects you should take into account when including sparklers at your wedding ceremony. 


  • First of all, make sure to confirm the venue where your ceremony will be held on allows the use of sparkles either inside or outside. Due to state regulations, some venues prohibit the use of any type of fireworks, including sparklers and you do not want to get surprised the day of your wedding.
  • Second, you must inform your guests that you plan to light sparklers at some point of your ceremony. It is important to let them know when you planned to use them so you avoid random sparklers being lit at a bad timing. Guest with sparklers are like kids with new toys, they cannot wait to use them! You can print instructions to use together with the sparklers or have someone in charge of explaining how and where they will be used.
  • Third, it is important to advise everybody about the preventive measurements they must have when using sparklers. It is much better to take extra time to explain how to use them and what must not be done that having an accident.
  • Fourth, provide a tool to light the sparkles such as lighters or matches. Ensure there are enough for all the invitees so when the time to light them comes, everyone is able to participate of the special event.
  • Fifth, you have to designate a special place for the guests to safely turn off their sparklers. A great idea is to fill buckets with sand. Sand is usually cold so you will be sure they will for sure turn off.
  • Finally, do not forget to let the photographer know in advance that you will use sparklers Wedding pictures that include lit sparklers are just breath taking. For that, the photographer must be aware so he brings all the necessary equipment and finds the best spot to get the greatest shots possible.


Follow these simple advices and your sparkler’s send off will be a complete success!

How do Sparklers Work? September 26 2015

We already learned what sparklers are but not how they actually work. In this article, we will understand what exactly happens when you light a sparkler.

Sparklers are little devices that burn for up to a minute, producing lots of bright sparks. They are made of different compounds which include fuel, an oxidizer, iron powder and a binder. Now let’s understand every component.

The purpose of the metal powder is to provide the sparklers with its colored sparks. Each metal produces a different color. In our store, we use sparklers with Aluminum that produces white sparks.

The fuel is a combination of carbon and sulfur. The fuel and the oxidant are mixed with sugar or starch and water. Then a wire is immersed in this mixture, so it will become a sparkler when dries. The mixture can also be poured into a mold and create another type of sparklers.  Since the oxidizer and fuel are uniformly mixed with binding and iron or steel, the sparkler burns slowly and evenly along its length.

Since sparklers contain so many different chemicals, please ensure you follow all the safety advice when using them. For instance, you must always ensure the sparkler is completely extinguished before you discard it. It is a great idea to have a container with water so you can place the burned sparklers to make sure none is going to accidentally start a fire.  Also, make sure you keep an eye on any children manipulating a flare. Children must not use them by themselves so injuries are avoided.

Sparklers are a great ally to enlighten any celebration and now that you know what they contain and how they work, you can feel more comfortable when using them!


Sparklers, What are they? September 12 2015

You have seen sparklers at holidays and parties, and now you are considering to use them at your wedding but you are not sure what exactly a sparkler is? Don’t worry, find here a comprehensive explanation and feel free to order your wedding sparklers having all the knowledge.

Pyrotechnic is a set of devices that perform pyrotechnic devices inside. This means that they have a reaction which instead of exploiting, produces flames, sparks, smoke and others in a very controlled manner.

Since they are beautiful and secure to handle, pyrotechnic devices have become widely used in all types of celebrations such as 4th of July, Christmas and New Year. Its use has spread; therefore, there is a huge variety of devices now that come from small fireworks to huge, Disney-like ones. Small fireworks are known as sparklers.


Sparklers are small pyrotechnic devices with the ability to produce a very bright light. Due to this ability sparklers are used to light dark places, in military operations and mostly, in celebrations. Sparklers are wands with different lengths and that have the fireworks in their tips.

Once they are lit, they produce an intense light followed by a release of flying sparks that quickly extinguish to prevent accidents.  That’s why sparklers are one of the most used pyrotechnic devices in celebrations and holidays.

Sparklers are composed by aluminium, magnesium or magnalium, which are the responsible for the white sparkles. Most of them are Class C explosives which are smaller, less powerful and with a very reduced risk of harm. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use them outdoors to avoid any type of incident.


Now that you know what exactly a sparkler is, do not hesitate to visit our catalog and buy the sparklers that call your eye the most! Make sure your invitees never forget your wedding!


Kids and Sparklers at Your Wedding June 30 2014

Sparklers are pretty. Sparklers at weddings are pretty cool. Kids are pretty cute. Kids at weddings are pretty fun. Kids and sparklers at weddings need some precautions.

Basically, what you don't want happening is a kid poking their eye out, burning their finger, their clothes, the table clothes, or your wedding dress. 

Safety Tips

  1. Don't let kids under the age of 8 handle their own sparkler.
  2. When handing out sparklers for the send off, give all the sparklers to the parents to give to their kids in order to decrease the amount of eager running around to get a sparkler. 
  3. Have a specific plan for putting out the sparklers or throwing away the used (hot!) sparklers - ie. bucket of water, specific people to give the sparklers to, etc. 
  4. For younger children - maybe even 10 and under - have "sparkler shields" ready. These can be cute decorated cups to go with your wedding, or just the typical red cup with a hole in the end. It is a quick and simple solution to hurt fingertips and runaway sparks. 

It is easy to have accidents within large groups of people, kids running around, and hot pokey things. Just take a few steps to keep things safe and organized, and you won't need to worry. Additional to the safety tips, you may want to put someone in charge of the send off to make  an announcement of the plan for the sparklers and any rules you want laid out. For example, if it is important not to get any black marks on your venue's flooring, make it clear that used and lit sparklers are not to be thrown on the floor and are to be put in such'n'such container/bucket/sizzle out station. 


Safety first equals a worry free and spectacular exit.