What to do if your Venue doesn't allow Sparklers September 12 2014

One of the downsides to wedding sparklers is that some venues won't allow their use because of coding and safety rules. What is a girl to do if she wants sparklers but the venue says no? Get a new venue!! Or if you can't or your venue is worth more to you than the sparklers, try these tactics for ensuring the use of sparklers at your wedding!

  1. When you are looking for a venue, focus on ones that have an outdoor portion to their location as these are more likely to allow sparklers outside.
  2. Before you book, read through their policies thoroughly before you put down any money.
  3. Negotiate. This is where you need to look for loop holes when that perfect venue is trying to squash your sparkler dreams. Perhaps they will allow sparklers in front of the venue or in the parking lot? Would it be so bad if your send off didn't light up till you hit the curb all the way to your car? Maybe you can pay a different deposit like taking out insurance on your venue spot.
  4. Be the Bridezilla...just a little bit. Typically, you are going to get better results with honey than a sting, but if that doesn't work, it doesn't hurt to be just a little bit pushy. Basically, don't take the first no for an answer, but also don't throw a tantrum a two year old would be proud of!

If it all falls through and there is no way to get your dream venue to budge, remember that there are other great ways to end your night! If you can't use wedding sparklers, try wedding poppers! These are easy to use, kid friendly, and designed to be safe indoor and outdoor, so you shouldn't have an issue with your venue banning it! Plus they make a bigger splash than bubbles and an easier clean up than rice! 

Tips for Planning the Big Send Off August 26 2014

Photo: Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding 

Photo: Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding

One of the primary uses of sparklers in a wedding is to shower the newlyweds with light and shimmers as they head off from the reception to embark on their honeymoon...and the rest of their lives together! It really is a rather spectacular role to play, and sparklers really are a striking way to end the night.

So, how do you have the perfect sparkling sparkler send off go off without a hitch? Here are some tips!

  1. Gather Up Supplies: Make sure to have everything you need on hand so that there won't be any scrambling, awkward waiting, or accidents. Some suggested items: two+ buckets lightly filled with water along the bottom, four lighters, all the sparklers, and safety cups for kids.
  2. Know who is doing what: For the send off, it is a good idea to assign jobs. Have two to four people handing out sparklers, another to light them, one person to act as a go between for the couple and the guests, and two people to be in charge of the buckets with water to collect the sparklers. Now, of course people handing out sparklers can also be collecting them, but the point is to assign specific jobs.
  3. Fill in the Guests: Have someone gather the guests together where they can hear and announce to them any directions. This is good to do after the bride and groom have left, but before guests, overly-excited, start heading off in different directions to send off the new couple. This is when you would tell them where to stand, who they will be getting their sparklers from, where to dispose of them when they are done, where kids can get safety cups, or any special requests like holding the sparklers up to create an arch or to swirl them around. 
  4. Tip Off the Photographer: Make sure your photographer knows in advance that you are doing a sparkler exit and all of the nitty-gritty details. This will give them the opportunity to set up the shot and make sure they capture the magic of that glittering moment.
  5. Enjoy the Limelight:  You should take this to mean two things. First, don't worry about any problems that do arise. Just get changed and enjoy a few quiet moments with your new spouse. Everything will work out. Then, second, don't rush through it. If you run through the send off, chances are your photographer won't have too many good shots, and it will be over too soon. There is no need to go in slow motion, but take your time. Strike a pose. Kiss. Have fun! Your guest will love it, your photographer will have a lot to work with, and you will get to end the night in a shower of light, fun, and glam.