Wedding Sparkler Holders November 08 2015

If you have been thinking to use sparklers at your wedding, you probably are doing research on ideas for the big send off, how to let the guests know when and how to use them, how to deliver them and of course, how to display them before they are used. There are many ways in which you may display them in case you already decided that you want to have them in a certain place to have the guests take them at a specific moment. Here you have some ideas for holders you can use to make them look amazing.

First, let’s see the options we have at

Personalized Sparkler Mason Jar Vase Collection

These vases are ideal for decorating while displaying your sparklers until the time to use them comes. The greatest part about these is that after your wedding, you can use them at your home as containers, flower vases or anything that comes to your mind. They come in a set of four and you can customize them by adding your engraved initial. They are specially made for our 9 inch sparklers, but you could be creative and used them with other type of sparklers. If your wedding theme is rustic, these vases will fit in just perfectly!  

Sparkler Vase

If you are trying to find a perfect holder to create a romantic ambiance in your wedding, these vases are what you are looking for. They are a perfect fit for our 9 inch sparklers. These vases are made with thick glass at the bottom so you can be sure they are super resistant. You can decorate them with flowers to make them look even more romantic. In addition, you can personalized them by adding up to three characters, perfect to have your initials! After your wedding, these can be used as flower vases or for anything that comes to your mind.


Now, if you want to use something created with your own hands, there are plenty of vases you can do. For instance, you could use galvanized steel buckets. The good side of these is that you can paint them in any color you want (and match your wedding theme) and add decoration such as flowers or laces to make them look better. You could also fill them with sand so once the send-off is done, guests can use them to dispose the used sparklers. There are many ways in which you can display your sparklers, just let your imagination fly.

Photography:Onelove Photography

Photography:Onelove Photography

How to Integrate Sparklers to your Wedding Setting July 12 2015

Night time weddings are all about romance; completing them with sparklers will enlighten and intensify all emotions! Sparklers are no longer fun accessories for Christmas; they have become allies to improve the atmosphere of any night wedding. Make sure you include them in your wedding and let their magic be part of your special day!

Unique and original lighting alternatives are becoming very trendy when it comes to weddings. While some couples prefer candles, chandeliers, or other types of lightning, more and more are opting to go with sparklers. Why? Because using sparklers will allow your guests to be part of your wedding as romance and illumination are the main characters in it. Besides, they do look great in your pictures, and who doesn’t love exceptional and memorable pictures?

You will find many options to include sparklers. Basically it will depend on your wedding’s theme and how or when you want to use them. For instance, you may ask your invitees to take a wand as soon as they enter the reception and ask them to draw a special figure later by using the light. You can also have someone hand the wands so the guests can light them while you are kissing or walking down the aisle.

Another great idea is to include the sparklers in your wedding cake. So, when the moment of cutting the cake comes, light them: the effect will be magical. Oh! Make sure your photographer is ready to take a lot of shots. A cake full of light is something you want to remember.

Now, if your plan is to get everybody’s attention, what you can do is, instead of having traditional centerpieces, use have jars and place the wands inside. Have someone in charge and, at the appropriate time, ask that person to light all the sparklers at once.  You will definitely ‘wow’ your guests!

The most popular option is to having your wedding MC ask all guests to participate while you and your new spouse leave the reception. They can form two lines and --just before you two get close-- light up their wands to say good bye to the happy couple while the photographer catches all the light effects.

As you can see, sparklers can make your wedding unforgettable as long as you know how to use them. Feel free to use these ideas or come up with your own, and sparkle up your big day!

How to set up sparklers at your wedding (aka. before they are lit) June 16 2014

The sparkler send off is so popular that it is becoming a part of wedding tradition and, quite frankly, it is a tad more magical than rice being tossed. With this, and the many other ways sparklers are being used at weddings and events, there has become a need to figure out how best to display and set up sparklers (thin sticks) before they are used, so that they can be decorative in their unlit state. Basically, there are two main methods for sparkler set up at weddings (and other events): The bucket and the bundle.

The Bucket Method


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With this, you will have one to two buckets, vases, jars, etc. that you will fill with your sparklers. It is as simple as that! This can be a fun and easy option because all you need to think about is finding a container that fits your wedding theme. For example, if you are having a shabby chic wedding, then a tin bucket or watering can may be perfect for you!

The Bundle Method


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This method of sparkler display can be a little more time consuming, but also completely worth it. Here you will create or purchase tags or sparkler sleeves. These are fun because you can customize them to your wedding with fun sayings or your wedding monogram. If you are doing this yourself, it can take a bit more time, though it does offer you a lot of freedom in the design. The other option is to find and buy a sparkler packet that suits your needs.  The bundle method also works great if you decide to use sparklers as your wedding favor.

How to display and handle sparklers at weddings are becoming more diverse and even sophisticated as this fun way to exit a wedding and celebrate is becoming a loved wedding tradition. The bucket and bundle display methods can of course be combined by putting the bundles in the bucket, but they do work well on their own.

What creative ways have you seen brides display their wedding sparklers?