Sparkle up your 15th Birthday Party! July 26 2015


Have you ever thought of having light, sparks and shine at your Quinceañera birthday party? What about using sparklers to shine your entrance and make you feel the excitement of your birthday party as you always wanted and imagined.  

If you are really into this idea, there are some things you should keep in mind and consider if you choose to use sparklers at your 15th birthday party:

First of all, you must make sure the location you chose for your party allows fireworks. Even if sparklers are really safe, some states include them as a type of fireworks; therefore, you must ensure your state and your venue allow them.

When deciding where to use the sparklers, try to make sure you do it outdoors. Sparklers are smokeless and not dangerous if you use them carefully; however, they should only be used outdoors to prevent.

You should be aware of any flammable material around so you may keep your invitees away from it and safe to avoid any unexpected situation or accident.

Review all the safety rules you must abide to when using sparklers. It is really important to get informed so your party offers a safe show

Once you are sure you have all the safety topics covered, you may decide how you want to include sparklers in your party. The most popular way to use them is during your entrance. Imagine yourself walking in a road made of shiny sparks. You will look super glamourous and the pictures will be awesome!

Another very nice idea is to substitute the cake candles with sparklers shaped in the 1 and 5 numbers. Just close your eyes and visualize your cake glowing while you have a beautiful and blazing smile in your face. Perfect match isn’t it?

Regardless of how you decide to include sparklers at your Quinceañera party, you will for sure make a great impression.