Kids and Sparklers at Your Wedding June 30 2014

Sparklers are pretty. Sparklers at weddings are pretty cool. Kids are pretty cute. Kids at weddings are pretty fun. Kids and sparklers at weddings need some precautions.

Basically, what you don't want happening is a kid poking their eye out, burning their finger, their clothes, the table clothes, or your wedding dress. 

Safety Tips

  1. Don't let kids under the age of 8 handle their own sparkler.
  2. When handing out sparklers for the send off, give all the sparklers to the parents to give to their kids in order to decrease the amount of eager running around to get a sparkler. 
  3. Have a specific plan for putting out the sparklers or throwing away the used (hot!) sparklers - ie. bucket of water, specific people to give the sparklers to, etc. 
  4. For younger children - maybe even 10 and under - have "sparkler shields" ready. These can be cute decorated cups to go with your wedding, or just the typical red cup with a hole in the end. It is a quick and simple solution to hurt fingertips and runaway sparks. 

It is easy to have accidents within large groups of people, kids running around, and hot pokey things. Just take a few steps to keep things safe and organized, and you won't need to worry. Additional to the safety tips, you may want to put someone in charge of the send off to make  an announcement of the plan for the sparklers and any rules you want laid out. For example, if it is important not to get any black marks on your venue's flooring, make it clear that used and lit sparklers are not to be thrown on the floor and are to be put in such'n'such container/bucket/sizzle out station. 


Safety first equals a worry free and spectacular exit.