How to set up sparklers at your wedding (aka. before they are lit) June 16 2014

The sparkler send off is so popular that it is becoming a part of wedding tradition and, quite frankly, it is a tad more magical than rice being tossed. With this, and the many other ways sparklers are being used at weddings and events, there has become a need to figure out how best to display and set up sparklers (thin sticks) before they are used, so that they can be decorative in their unlit state. Basically, there are two main methods for sparkler set up at weddings (and other events): The bucket and the bundle.

The Bucket Method


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With this, you will have one to two buckets, vases, jars, etc. that you will fill with your sparklers. It is as simple as that! This can be a fun and easy option because all you need to think about is finding a container that fits your wedding theme. For example, if you are having a shabby chic wedding, then a tin bucket or watering can may be perfect for you!

The Bundle Method


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This method of sparkler display can be a little more time consuming, but also completely worth it. Here you will create or purchase tags or sparkler sleeves. These are fun because you can customize them to your wedding with fun sayings or your wedding monogram. If you are doing this yourself, it can take a bit more time, though it does offer you a lot of freedom in the design. The other option is to find and buy a sparkler packet that suits your needs.  The bundle method also works great if you decide to use sparklers as your wedding favor.

How to display and handle sparklers at weddings are becoming more diverse and even sophisticated as this fun way to exit a wedding and celebrate is becoming a loved wedding tradition. The bucket and bundle display methods can of course be combined by putting the bundles in the bucket, but they do work well on their own.

What creative ways have you seen brides display their wedding sparklers?