Let your Love Sparkle August 23 2015

Do you remember how happy you felt when lighting sparklers at Christmas or New Year?  Imagine how cool that be at your wedding! It is really great when all guests light their flares at once while the couple goes through. Today, weddings are increasingly customized and couples look more and more special details to make their wedding unique and unforgettable. There are too many beautiful details at weddings but what never fails are sparklers.


Sometimes people tend to think that a lot of money is required to you have a cool, original and unique wedding. However, that’s a false idea. Little details are what make a wonderful atmosphere without leaving you broke. Sparklers may be used in different situations or at different moments to create a magical environment. You choose what works best for you!

To introduce this element to your wedding, what about looking for a nice corner to place the wands in a very nice sparkler holder. Of course, you must make sure you ask the venue if they accept using sparklers, though they should. Sparklers are harmless!

Here you can find glass sparklers vases which you could customize by engraving maximum three characters which could be your initials. You can personalize them more by adding a nice detail such as a ribbon or whatever you feel like adding to it to give it your own style. If you want to get the sparkler holders or sparkler signs, visit our store


Don’t think about letting sparklers out of your wedding, for they gill make it magical and unforgettable; your guests will definitely have something to talk about.