Sparkler Signs October 25 2015

If you are planning to use sparklers at your wedding, you may be confused on how to display them or how to let guests when they should be lit. Fortunately, we have a collection of different signs to help you organize your sparkler send off and cross out one worry from your to-do list. Let’s see them.

A Sparkling Exit Sparkler Sign – Personalized

This is a very elegant and unique sparkler sign which you can customize to match your wedding needs. It is made of a very fine and transparent acrylic which gives it a romantic and chic look. You can choose the color of the text between white, gold or silver. In addition, you are able to personalize the text on the bottom to include whatever information you want! This is a beautiful sign to make your special day memorable.

Let Love Sparkle Sparkler Sign – Personalized

This is such a romantic sparkler sign. It is also made of a very fine acrylic which makes it perfect to place wherever you want. Its text is just appropriate for the occasion and it also has the option to personalize the bottom text so you can include your names or the wedding date. Choose between white, gold or silver text to match your wedding’s color theme.

See Sparks Fly Sparkler Send Off Sign

If you want to accent your wedding sparkler display and impress invited guests, you better try our unique sparkler send off sign, we assure you will preserve your glowing memories forever.  This sign is manufactured with high quality acrylic and its message helps improve the expectation among your guests. You may personalize the text to make it white, gold or silver.

Sparkler Send Off Sign – Personalized

If you are looking for a way to let your guests know when exactly the send off will take place, this is the perfect sparkler for you. It will help you coordinate the sparkler send off to make your wedding celebration easier. It can be personalized with gold, white or silver text.