A Sparkly Wedding August 30 2015

One of the main factors in your wedding day, besides the importance of the moment when you’re your spouse to be finally promise to love each other forever, one in front of your loved ones, is also innovation.

As you may know, new trends point to create different ways of celebrating, which many times end up by getting away from traditional and classic dances such as the waltz. Couples are now more interested in throwing a party that is not only romantic and magic, but also that will be unforgettable and stay in everybody’s mouth for long.

Therefore, there is a great element that you could implement during the any moment of the ceremony. However, it will be especially fairylike if you are having a night ceremony.

Usually, fireworks are used during Christmas and New Year as celebratory elements to show how turning a light on in the middle of a ceremony represents the importance and happiness that the event brings to everyone’s life.

Then, why not using them at your wedding. It is a big celebration too after all. In addition, you will make your attendees active parts of one of the most important moments of your life.

Sparklers are a great addition to your wedding because they will give a more enchanting element. Also, you do not need to make a big investment to get them, but the outcome will be enriching.  You may read our previous articles to get ideas on how to include them to your ceremony, when to use them and how to safely handle them.

The best part is that most likely you just need to distribute them and the guests will take care of the rest. Or, if you prefer, you may ask someone you trust to take the lead for it to be perfect.

How do you think you can use sparklers at your wedding? Let your imagination fly!