How do Sparklers Work? September 26 2015

We already learned what sparklers are but not how they actually work. In this article, we will understand what exactly happens when you light a sparkler.

Sparklers are little devices that burn for up to a minute, producing lots of bright sparks. They are made of different compounds which include fuel, an oxidizer, iron powder and a binder. Now let’s understand every component.

The purpose of the metal powder is to provide the sparklers with its colored sparks. Each metal produces a different color. In our store, we use sparklers with Aluminum that produces white sparks.

The fuel is a combination of carbon and sulfur. The fuel and the oxidant are mixed with sugar or starch and water. Then a wire is immersed in this mixture, so it will become a sparkler when dries. The mixture can also be poured into a mold and create another type of sparklers.  Since the oxidizer and fuel are uniformly mixed with binding and iron or steel, the sparkler burns slowly and evenly along its length.

Since sparklers contain so many different chemicals, please ensure you follow all the safety advice when using them. For instance, you must always ensure the sparkler is completely extinguished before you discard it. It is a great idea to have a container with water so you can place the burned sparklers to make sure none is going to accidentally start a fire.  Also, make sure you keep an eye on any children manipulating a flare. Children must not use them by themselves so injuries are avoided.

Sparklers are a great ally to enlighten any celebration and now that you know what they contain and how they work, you can feel more comfortable when using them!