Sparklers, What are they? September 12 2015

You have seen sparklers at holidays and parties, and now you are considering to use them at your wedding but you are not sure what exactly a sparkler is? Don’t worry, find here a comprehensive explanation and feel free to order your wedding sparklers having all the knowledge.

Pyrotechnic is a set of devices that perform pyrotechnic devices inside. This means that they have a reaction which instead of exploiting, produces flames, sparks, smoke and others in a very controlled manner.

Since they are beautiful and secure to handle, pyrotechnic devices have become widely used in all types of celebrations such as 4th of July, Christmas and New Year. Its use has spread; therefore, there is a huge variety of devices now that come from small fireworks to huge, Disney-like ones. Small fireworks are known as sparklers.


Sparklers are small pyrotechnic devices with the ability to produce a very bright light. Due to this ability sparklers are used to light dark places, in military operations and mostly, in celebrations. Sparklers are wands with different lengths and that have the fireworks in their tips.

Once they are lit, they produce an intense light followed by a release of flying sparks that quickly extinguish to prevent accidents.  That’s why sparklers are one of the most used pyrotechnic devices in celebrations and holidays.

Sparklers are composed by aluminium, magnesium or magnalium, which are the responsible for the white sparkles. Most of them are Class C explosives which are smaller, less powerful and with a very reduced risk of harm. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use them outdoors to avoid any type of incident.


Now that you know what exactly a sparkler is, do not hesitate to visit our catalog and buy the sparklers that call your eye the most! Make sure your invitees never forget your wedding!