Let Love Sparkle - Sparkler Display Signs June 23 2014

If sparklers are going to be a part of your wedding send off, then you are going to want to give your guests the tip off. Send off schedule signs are a great way of letting your guests know when to expect the celebrating to come to an end. This is helpful because it allows guests to plan when to leave without missing out on the sparkling send off fun. It is always a shame when a guest realizes that if they had stayed 15 minutes longer, they wouldn't have missed the sparkler send off.

When using sparklers, it is particularly useful to include a sign because then the sparklers become a part of the aesthetic and style of the wedding, rather than just the ending show. This can also be done more effectively by displaying your sparklers  with the sign. Regardless, a sparkler send off sign can be a wonderful addition to your reception decorations.

A Couple of Choices

When deciding on you sign decor, you have quite a few options, starting with deciding if you are going to make you sign or buy one. Making you sign can be a lot of fun and doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as using a chalkboard and having someone with good hand writing or artistic savvy write a saying and the time of the send off. Typically, the wording of these signs will say something like, " Send them off with a Sparkle - Sparkler Send off at TIME". 



Or if you would like to buy an already made sign, you options become even bigger as you gain access to craftsmanship that you usually wouldn't have. For example, The Wedding Sparkler Store has a beautiful selection of etched acrylic (looks like glass) sparkler display signs. They are completely customizable to suite your needs and can include sayings like "Let Sparks Fly" and " Let Love Sparkle". It is like having the DIY without the work and with the added pizzazz.