Enlighten your Special Day: Wedding Sparklers August 02 2015

Lately, weddings are not only formalities, but they are also—as they should have always been—a celebration of a couple’s love as well as a way for the bride and groom to share their love with their loved and special ones.

Therefore, if you are getting married soon, you might be looking for wedding details that set you wedding apart from others. What better that finding a special feature that you can share with all the guests? That will definitely turn your wedding into an unforgettable one.

An idea that is becoming really popular, is to illuminate an important moment of the ceremony, or many, as you wish. When? Well, it is really your choice but nice ideas are to do it at the exit of the bride and groom, the toast time or at the opening of the first dance.

What to use? Wedding sparklers are your best shot. They are good, pretty and most importantly, cheap. Even if it may seem simple or childish, it might have a spectacular output without too much effort. Besides, it is a nice trait to make your invitees feel more involved into the celebration. You may turn them in individually, using a wedding sparkler sendoff sign or personalized vases.

How? You and your spouse could be the first ones to light them up and then the rest of the guests will add up until you see a collective of flares bursting magical light! It will be perfect and memorable.

Don’t forget to consider if your venue allows the sparklers and to analyze the conditions where your ceremony will be held. In any case, always keep in mind other alternatives such as using the flares for the cake or to have an outstanding photo session, especially if your wedding is at night!


What do you think about using sparklers to enlighten your wedding?